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Indigo Nature Arts believes care begins with the heart. From the center, all things unfold.

Young children thrive in a natural loving environment. A space that offers forms of creativity inspire and enrich a child’s experience and develops their ability to follow their natural desires. Indigo Nature Arts is dedicated to enriching the lives of young children and parents through a heart centered and holistic approach. Through exploring the beauty of nature, the arts and language, Indigo’s child-led play program inspires the imagination, cognitive and social development as well as satisfying the spirit within.


Our summer camp program is Reggio Emilia inspired and we create an environment filled with natural light, order and beauty.  Materials are considered for its purpose, as children delve deeper and deeper into their interests. We encourage collaboration, communication and exploration. We respect children as capable and provide them with authentic materials & tools. The land and space we inhabit is cared for by the children and the adults. Our connection to nature is enriched by spending our day outdoors. Learning and play are not separated. 


Morning Minute Meditation. 

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The summer program is held at the Historic Cedars House on Forbidden Drive and takes place on the grounds surrounding. The forest, meadow, creek and trails are part of the weekly program. Searching for nature’s gifts and building small structures, children naturally develop a community among themselves. Having this “breathing space” allows them to use their imagination to the fullest.


photo (24)Summer Camp Registration Opens February 15, 2015. If you would like to be added to the email list please send an email to indigonaturearts@gmail.com.









“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

Indigo Nature Arts Tuesday After-School Instruction Workshops at Read & Eat Bookstore in Mt. Airy – 4 week sessions 3:30 – 5:00

Children 7 to 10 years old


TO REGISTER for After-School Classes https://www.formstack.com/forms/?1811773-hXdJOv4gzk

Lev-fall-2014 Zoe-fall-2014



Artwork shown is from students 7 to 10 years old.

Urban Photography for Kids 


Time to get out and shoot! We will explore the neighborhood of Mt. Airy (throughout 3 week sessions. The 4th session, the students will project their best work on the screen and will learn how to constructively critique. Students will gain knowledge about shooting architecture, photo journalism, nature photography and textures within an urban environment. Each student will have the option to print a favorite image for a spring exhibition (optional). (Location – TBD). Program is held at Read + Eat  Bookstore in Mt. Airy. 1st session we meet for a presentation and the last class is held at Read + Eats’ theater space.)

I wouldn’t mind turning into a vermilion goldfish.

- Henri Matisse

Urban Sketch Class

October 21, October 28, November 4, November 11

Walk the blocks and discover interesting details about historic Mt. Airy. We will walk and sketch and collect a journal of illustrated snapshots of the neighborhoods. We will then spend two classes transforming a couple of favorite sketches into larger works. Program is held at Read + Eat  Bookstore on Germantown Avenue in Mt. Airy.



Space is limited. Sessions run consecutively on Tuesdays after school at Read & Eat Bookstore on Germantown Avenue in Mt. Airy.

$100 per (4 week instruction sessions). For more information on the workshops and to receive a registration form, email indigonaturearts@gmail.com



Thank you camp families, and to all of those who reached out to participate in this year’s Indigo Nature Arts Summer Camp. We had the best camp yet! 



Dear Families,

I’m excited and (rested) during this long winter and preparing for another summer of spending time with your children in the majesty of the Wissahickon. We will now be including children 8 years old. We will meet the older child again this year with longer hikes than the younger children as well as other activities that meet their needs. The younger children will also be met with their specific needs.

As always, a Parent Guide, a simple medical form and other info will be sent once confirmation of registration and payment is received. I am here to answer your questions. 


Elsie, Francis Cope House, Awbury Arboretum Spring 2014

Sometimes you just have to stop and listen to the trees.


Simple as gazing at the moon and stars; wonder and surprise allow us to grow in a way that no other experience can give. It is with this belief and certainty that has inspired me to implement the Indigo Nature Arts program. The program embraces art, nature exploration and movement, surrounded by the magic of the Wissahickon Park. Giving children the opportunity to take part in the natural world will enable them to share it with others as they grow into adulthood. ~Kim Soles

All photography on this site is by Kim Soles c 2013 unless otherwise noted. Materials and information from this site may not be used without permission.

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